Established Dec. 2014 ''. 

We pride ourselves on having a communal attitude, as our goal is to bring the LGBTQ community together to interchange the dynamism of the voluminous backgrounds of culture that exist in the LGBTQ community, as well as bring awareness to the social, controversial and political issues that are active matters in the LGBTQ community, locally and globally. 

T A S T E curates a monthly underground dance event that is dedicated to the LGBTQ community; our vision is to continuously cultivate a safe as well as intentional space for the community that embodies electric culture, creativity and positive energy. T A S T E ' s dance party consists of an all female team - which is inclusive of the DJ Beauties <3 T A S T E 's dance party is also inclusive of visual art installations as well as live musical performances from up + coming musicians, singers, songwriters and dancers.  

Developing by the spring of 2017 - T A S T E will be offering a mentoring program that stipulates individual growth and development for individuals 14 and up that have newly identified within the LGBTQ.

As we expressively believe in bringing people together as  one, irrespective of anyone's contextual culture, we produce specific events to support our missions, such as the T A S T E dance party, EDGE - (Where Fashion and Culture Are Birthed as One),  A Love Story For the Homeless and our T A S T E mentoring program.  We intend to revitalize the LGBTQ community with a sense of creativity and culture as well as provide a space that allows people to unapologetic-ally be themselves, irrespective of any circumstance.  Keep up with us by simply selecting the subscribe tab. <3